.kopiaignore file usage

Is there some information on the use of .kopiaignore files? How to use them with pattern format, please?

All I know about them is that they appear in the kopia policy set output and seem like they could be useful.

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I use it for my $HOME, so .kopiaignore looks like this.


VirtualBox\ VMs/

The format is meant to be (a subset of) .gitignore. There are some things that don’t work from that spec (https://git-scm.com/docs/gitignore) most notably absolute paths.

There are currently issues filed on GitHub to get it fixed. Any help here is appreciated.

Another thing that doesn’t work is negation pattern (starting with ! ). That seems to result in empty snapshots.

@FrankM thanks for your post, I was wondering where to put/find that dot file.


Work to improve make .kopiaignore support the full gitignore specification is currently underway. Please follow the following issue on github for updates: .kopiaignore pattern differs from .gitignore · Issue #571 · kopia/kopia · GitHub

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