KopiaUI - How to remove *source* from the list

Hi there,

in KopiaUI, I cannot find a way to remove an entry* from the list.

I suspect I’ll have to resort to the command line to do so, but even there, how do we perform such an operation?

* How do we call those entries? “jobs”, “sources”, “paths” ?

Are you talking about policies? The ones with an “*” are the default repo policies…

Well, I guess I shouldn’t have included Markdown emphasis in the title…
No, I’m talking about the source path to be backed-up, shown int the main/first window of KopiaUI.

I have /Users/example/folder1 and /Users/example/folder2 with each their own scheduling policies. What if I don’t want to make snapshots of /Users/example/folder2 anymore.
How do I remove it from Kopia?

That’s my main question.

The secondary question is about Kopia’s nomenclature: how do we call those entries?

You’re correct - they are called sources. Each source has snapshots.

Sources “exist” because they have snapshots or policies, there’s no other representation of sources per se in the repository.

To remove snapshots, unfortunately there’s no great UI yet - you need to list all snapshots for the source (including incomplete and identical) and remove them manually, something like:

$ kopia snap ls ~/Projects/Kopia --incomplete --manifest-id --show-identical 
  2020-02-29 21:52:29 PST k534403464d7e453c46b42dc1ba65fc53 888.8 MB dr-xr-xr-x manifest:abee56fb521e14425da09836c020a7af files:13156 dirs:1170 (monthly-19)
  2020-03-29 11:22:38 PDT ka1c2e631e4318f9e0ab55fbb53d9cdb6 1.6 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:958ada140ac8878a9c522a2e1671d309 files:13164 dirs:1601 (monthly-18)
  2020-04-23 14:40:00 PDT kc16bac345108e18c52ccea7dc6e43a9a 542.7 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:2410feb38ce6702b0ee106a8cde916fc files:14788 dirs:1556 (monthly-17)
  2020-05-22 12:24:02 PDT kf893b1493283ea092c0ace6599c61e44 628.4 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:85c5532572faeec83922e308619ef2b2 files:15807 dirs:1559 (monthly-16)
  2020-06-30 23:10:00 PDT k5b41588b1f91f2b1a32a1cdc91dc369a 619 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:4a39bda502976ccf3b280d71e41c9009 files:16414 dirs:1559 (monthly-15)
  2020-07-31 23:00:00 PDT ke01b2bac9d2de3446e22a291bd82cbf2 746.9 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:cf04dfccf1242d83ae75f5ffee090977 files:18966 dirs:2651 (monthly-14)
  2020-08-31 23:07:09 PDT k2b7aae9d12fadf13b6b7c12926d4d529 708.9 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:c7a645375eda1a6d16a2fc0816513502 files:10813 dirs:1031 (monthly-13)
  2020-09-25 16:14:31 PDT k2d653c9e1479fed16172a8e38b09c41d 706.7 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:708b92b6205a4a95d64393f81c5124d4 files:12980 dirs:1179 (monthly-12)
  2020-10-31 22:50:00 PDT kce7a031aa1187168937b5703808eb1d6 535.7 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:1e197c5467ab404dc3597a11b5b26eab files:17281 dirs:2252 (monthly-11)
  2020-11-30 23:50:00 PST kc58faf59d6b2b443763678eda1c7eff4 568.5 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:06811de7058a55cced73d9fa8efe8304 files:17485 dirs:2254 (monthly-10)
  2020-12-31 23:50:00 PST k1817b8474d19bc650d2e5939dca7aac6 409.3 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:e5d6a382086604fb010f5ed5e76604d3 files:19473 dirs:2275 (annual-2,monthly-9)
  2021-01-31 23:46:56 PST k3fb99382e0980a26cd756b4cca4c9a7e 831.5 MB drwxr-xr-x manifest:144f499f2f9518620b5cac366ccb1d2f files:18758 dirs:2775 (monthly-8)
  2021-02-28 22:50:00 PST kda7e53a2d9996527a6c5c50b18fb6065 0.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:fd527c76b4f9855dc960f167f69e3984 files:21169 dirs:2346 (monthly-7)
  2021-03-31 23:20:01 PDT k1fe11b85ec273ac6cb5457055c9fb626 1.7 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:03af6ad512f0fbd89491bc03e47e0380 files:17129 dirs:2379 (monthly-6)
  2021-04-30 06:12:51 PDT k477c372e3ac86439baf65f0c2a7a0db8 4.2 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:a8e29caeb12b0ef286c84a5729dd4bd8 files:27430 dirs:2721 (monthly-5)
  2021-05-31 23:51:21 PDT k09342d9c2b3aabf7435542d5e989a16e 3.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:30c01b205048bd4a4514cb4354727205 files:23612 dirs:2727 (monthly-4)
  2021-06-30 23:52:49 PDT kcbdb8ed9ea56ba230895e1357becb54c 2.4 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:c051396ca53fd0ad80f503db7ec4141d files:18226 dirs:2462 (monthly-3)
  2021-07-25 23:59:39 PDT ke052f7867103bfce3cecb19748dc87e7 2.7 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:67e10dc62b834d9a22ccf428a1138ebe files:19681 dirs:2500 (weekly-4)
  2021-07-31 22:20:00 PDT k2d3543c03ec94b78e58f41beb1b08237 2.7 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:05eed94ceaeb6c3c0a1e28b245e96f67 files:19706 dirs:2500 (monthly-2)
  2021-08-01 23:47:02 PDT k3253035ead22ab382c63738a78604533 2.7 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:68b488d046b39ff54cf89a0b122f59e1 files:19722 dirs:2500 (weekly-3)
  2021-08-03 08:40:01 PDT k050b8ab84d358025a3426af565f288ff 2.8 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:3ab084483cdee34166f4a8448dd21d70 files:19918 dirs:2504 (weekly-2)
  2021-08-09 23:20:00 PDT k6f7f2e8f02b81b2e24c7cd4d2d3aea17 2.8 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:4c4dd6fcf7340ce20f8d3a45da01b865 files:20028 dirs:2508 (daily-4)
  2021-08-10 23:40:00 PDT k4483082fbaf32daf71f23e75a2966bba 2.8 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:4274906de85140356b9dca417ec4e244 files:20030 dirs:2508 (daily-3)
  2021-08-11 22:11:24 PDT k9b2b2b4f4955a7198b2a49dd203a9e9e 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:4f323f8df013b7a09a80786c2f754633 files:20043 dirs:2509 (daily-2)
  2021-08-13 06:50:00 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:ac479117b00ae9fb91458b1cba1fd90a files:20072 dirs:2510 (hourly-6)
  2021-08-13 07:56:39 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:60d1cdc288b259122dc44c310f832028 files:20072 dirs:2510 (hourly-5)
  2021-08-13 08:36:21 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:27a46e0a825703e79af3cd8a37fb93e5 files:20072 dirs:2510 (latest-10)
  2021-08-13 08:54:17 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:1644306ca86b77d4cc80834ab2daf996 files:20072 dirs:2510 (latest-9,hourly-4)
  2021-08-13 09:00:01 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:64748e016540adbb3c768919f9684af6 files:20072 dirs:2510 (latest-8)
  2021-08-13 09:10:00 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:1a608e23d460c370acfeb42172242cd1 files:20072 dirs:2510 (latest-7)
  2021-08-13 09:20:00 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:7bcee326ef9cbcf6691bc3ed115813bd files:20072 dirs:2510 (latest-6,hourly-3)
  2021-08-13 10:30:17 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:2d47ff5804a34fa576a8cc4138ea5919 files:20072 dirs:2510 (latest-5)
  2021-08-13 10:49:28 PDT kf58171b8382a82ffda23c67516db0e07 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:560206283882242df3be672a89cdd501 files:20072 dirs:2510 (latest-4)
  2021-08-13 10:50:00 PDT kec1e7f8ca060d44afc54e14bd7d3fe40 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:2fb10ac5a57ca21d8128688989fdfdec files:20064 dirs:2510 (latest-3,hourly-2)
  2021-08-13 11:39:36 PDT k2697cdfe5f8284c0aae35dccbf63c7d0 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:0c681a55a5b783bf442c4a1365bcb1ed files:20064 dirs:2510 (latest-2)
  2021-08-13 11:40:00 PDT k2697cdfe5f8284c0aae35dccbf63c7d0 2.9 GB drwxr-xr-x manifest:77f090359551ad4ca425c2f23f83612d files:20064 dirs:2510 (latest-1,annual-1,monthly-1,weekly-1,daily-1,hourly-1)

$ kopia snapshot delete abee56fb521e14425da09836c020a7af 958ada140ac8878a9c522a2e1671d309 {remaining manifest IDs} ... --delete

Once you delete all snapshots, the source should disappear. You may want to stop Kopia UI to prevent it from making new snapshots while you do that.

Great, that worked.
To anyone in the same situation: The source won’t disappear right away.
For me, it kept showing up with a size of 0 B.
But it disappeared after deleting policies targeting the removed source.