KopiaUI on windows - how to getrid of 2nd repo

I recently switched from a minio repo to an sftp repo by disconnecting from the old minio and creating a new sftp repo with kopia UI on windows.

Now whenever I start kopia UI, it brings up 2 windows, one for the sftp repo and another one to create a new repo and the systray many shows in addition to the sftp repo it connects to.

Where is that kind of “dangling” repo stored and how can I remove it? There’s only one repo in AppData\Local\kopia and one repository-1702890192108.config in AppData\Roaming\kopia, nothing sticks out in AppData\Roaming\kopia-ui either

Seems to be the same issue as reported here

close kopia UI.

delete everything from AppData\Local\kopia and AppData\Roaming\kopia

start UI and connect to your repo. This time it will create repository.config file instead of repository-nnnnnnnnnnn.config

When repository.config file is missing kopia UI insist on treating it as not connected repo. Maybe one day it will be fixed.

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