KopiaUI + SFTP is not Windows friendly

The KopiaUI (Windows version) setup to a remote Linux SFTP server asks for the path to the “known_hosts” file (or its contents).

This file is typically available in a local Linux installation - but not in Windows. For example, my putty application stores this in the Windows registry - which is not accessible via path. And the contents of the registry key were unable to be parsed by KopiaUI.

I believe this is a Feature Request, unless there is a work-around that I haven’t discovered yet.

I looked at other Windows applications that connect to ssh / sftp servers, to see how they configure the connection and deal with the issue of key path, and in particular - known_hosts.


In all cases, the user enters the following required parameters:
path to server:port, path on server, user name and (ssh) password. In all cases, the ssh private key is an optional input item. known_hosts not present at all.

Upon entering the required input items, these 4 applications connect, and the server sends the ssh fingerprint to the Windows client for confirmation and authentication.

I am not an ssh expert. If there is a method to connect a Windows device to an sftp server using KopiaUI as is - please share it.

Thanks for KopiaUI. So much potential here!

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Still testing, but I’m currently mounting my remote storage via sshfs-win. There are various implementations of this with different GUI’s and whatnot, but they all more or less do the same thing. So far so good for me, mounting with a drive letter on login, then pointing Kopia at the mounted path in “filesystem” mode, but obviously this is just a workaround.

I’m using Duplicacy on the same remote storage over SFTP and it works great, entering the normal fields you outlined in your post.

Let me know if you figure out a way to directly access the storage via Kopia!