SFTP, KopiaUI, error creating sftp client pipe

I cannot create a SFTP Repo from KopiaUI, version 0.15.0

I have successfully connected to my sftp server using FileZilla.

I have also successfully connected to my remote server using ssh in WIndows 10

In the KopiaUI repo window, I used external, and used this command, (same as the ssh in windows command):

ssh, args: remoteusername@ -p 1234
(I have unique port, this works in win ssh and filezilla)

This is the result in KopiaUI:

Connect Error: INTERNAL: internal server error: unable to open SFTP storage: error establishing connecting: error creating sftp client pipe: error receiving version packet from server: server unexpectedly closed connection: unexpected EOF

In “user\appdata\roaming\kopia-ui\logs\main.log”:

[2024-01-25 08:45:14.820] [info] bash: remoteusername@ command not found

Is there some special way of writing the ssh args in the UI window?

(I have not tried the cli version yet).

Check this:

I gave up, then found Cobian Reflector, and the SFTP works without any problems. Thanks anyway.