List of files which are processed/backed

I’ve got the following question.

I would like to have a list of files which have been backed up during a backup process…maybe on console or even better into file…

Is there an option or way to do that or do I miss something?

Currently I’m using the following:

kopia snapshot create --log-file=testbackup-kopia-x.log

which produces a large log file which unfortunately doesn’t include the file names only the directories are given in a debugging json like format…which is not a problem…but it contains only an entry like “files”:11 or alike…

Is there way to create a list of files which have been backed up …

You can either:

  • use kopia snapshot create --log-entry-detail 1..10 when snapshotting
  • use kopia policy set --global --log-entry-snapshotted=1..10 to enable this globally
  • use kopia ls -r k<directory-id> to see all files in a snapshot after it’s been created
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Hi Jarek,

many thanks for those hints. That works perfectly.

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise.