Is there a way to view a single file history across all snapshots?

Pretty much the subject.

I would expect to get date of snapshot, size and checksum. Maybe a/c/mtime.


You can do it using kopia snapshot list <filename>, say I’m in a directory that had snapshots and I want to find the history of a particular file.

For example I have backups of kopia source code and I want the history of one particular file, say repo/open.go:

$ kopia snapshot list open.go
  2020-09-01 07:07:07 BST 1a10231a9a5788c1f82ed62feefcc139 7.5 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-21)
  2020-11-01 05:50:01 GMT 579ede372f23fea6f45d41be46d7e835 7.6 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-18..19)
  + 1 identical snapshots until 2020-12-01 07:50:01 GMT
  2021-01-01 07:50:00 GMT 63bf5299ecb07b3421d67729c5865c34 7.9 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-17,annual-3)
  2021-02-01 07:46:58 GMT 982fe04d822294e4cedddd7075bfaf20 8.4 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-16)
  2021-03-01 06:50:02 GMT ed09663b5f69af1a427c1840d2ba4444 8.4 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-15)
  2021-04-01 07:20:03 BST Zab017d9ffbe060896bd1a518e7a5536a 8.9 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-14)
  2021-04-30 14:12:54 BST Z8e564bcb9a48498ed63ad1e321869ca3 8.9 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-13)
  2021-06-01 07:54:16 BST Zb56e48246b557954c9f08050082a52ba 9.1 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-12)
  2021-07-01 07:52:52 BST Z54951f425617cd5cfb666a263fe0a5ea 9.3 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-11)
  2021-12-01 06:50:00 GMT Z6f9b43d60a42a4ccabda7c57cc34ec0b 12.6 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-10)
  2022-01-01 07:01:32 GMT Z78b561e747b5071bc33a8c50bdceb858 12.7 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-9,annual-2)
  2022-02-01 06:55:20 GMT Z40397b56ab28a57d065cb9a569a8b3d3 14.5 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-8)
  2022-03-01 06:30:00 GMT Zbcbd5c15ddcf0c4e4a3dc2443d4101ca 17.8 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-7)
  2022-04-01 07:51:17 BST Z370fe6b170a9410ad860cf4b6ed06083 17.8 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-5..6)
  + 1 identical snapshots until 2022-04-12 06:20:00 BST
  2022-05-20 02:50:00 BST Zf68193113dccac509769ebf188fe29a0 18.1 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-4)
  2022-06-27 05:40:16 BST Z43ccba6ca3b80b7032aaae23b4a5167c 18.2 KB -rw-r--r-- (monthly-3)
  2022-07-15 17:45:00 BST Zf953466617f5e092b985d013044f66e6 18.2 KB -rw-r--r-- (latest-2..10,monthly-2)
  + 8 identical snapshots until 2022-07-15 21:30:00 BST
  2022-08-14 01:58:30 BST Ze46b1e5b580026cdcb6dc5ba4c14b05e 15.6 KB -rw-r--r-- (latest-1,hourly-1,daily-1,weekly-1,monthly-1,annual-1)

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Alright, thanks.

Just why the different time zones and how to use a single one?

I’m in London on vacation right now. The snapshots were taken in Pacific time so I normally see PST/PDT. I guess GMT is in use for half of the year here.

There is hidden —timezone parameter to override it.

Is there a reason for it being hidden? I’ve look around the manual for such a switch.

Nothing particular. Mostly to declutter the list of flags.

Hope it’s OK to bump this. Is there a way to do an equivalent of “kopia snapshot list <filename>” in a GUI? I’m thinking about for non-technical users who are put off using a CLI. Even better, is there file manager integration?