Local Repo + Remote?

This is really mostly an architecture or best practices question. I have a Kopia Server set up on my TrueNAS Scale box in a Docker container and all is well so far in my initial testing. I have it set up with a local repository and I’ve been able to configure a Windows client on my network to create snapshots to it and so far so good.

Question I have is what is the best practice for handling this offsite also? From reading the docs it looks like I can create and connect my repo with a compatible S3 service like B2 or Wasabi instead of local but ideally I’d like both. I’d prefer the primary repo to be on the NAS itself and in case something happens and I was to lose the NAS drive (and the original files on the Windows box) I would still have it stored offsite.

I’m mounting a local volume in Docker to /app/data which looks to be the main repo files. My initial thought was to run a nightly job that would use rclone to back up the data folder offsite. Is there a better way of having both local and offsite?

I think the most efficient way to do this would be a

kopia repos sync-to <provider>

I am running exactly that to synchronize my kopia server repo to a S3 bucket.

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Perfect! I suppose I really should read the docs on all the kopia commands. Thanks!