Log compression

First of all, as this is my first post, I’d like to say kopia is a very nice backup solution and thank you. It’s still rough around some edges but I can see myself using it as my preferred backup utility for all my systems. Can’t wait to see what the kopia future brings.

I’ve recently started using kopia for a production server and unfortunately the cli logs are almost 50MB each run. With 4 snapshots a day, that’s 200MB added to disk and on the VPS with the tiny disk, it’ll use up the free space in no time.

I know that there are some options to tweak log retention but I’d like to request that an option to have the logs compressed automatically by kopia. That way, we can still keep a lot more logs for longer periods of time.

run kopia snapshot …
Then run either gz, xz, bzip2, 7z on the logs

See this feature request to add logs to the repository