Monitoring and alerting tool for Kopia

I discovered Kopia a few months ago and loved it, however there was one limitation that prevented me from switching over. I wanted to be proactively notified, by email, when something went wrong. I hoped it would be added to Kopia itself but seeing that it wasn’t I decided to write a small Python program to do exactly that. The program is designed to run on a schedule, and send an email report with all recent tasks or only with errors.

The program is creatively called kopia-mon and it has the following features:

  • Send an email status report about all the tasks that executed since the last time the program ran.
  • Option to send the email only if there was an error.
  • Monitor for inactivity, to identify cases when the backups stopped running.
  • Support for multiple repositories.

Feel free to clone it from github and give it a try: GitHub - ekutner/kopia-mon


Exactly like something I’m looking for! I’ll try it out with my docker kopia install