New user: Kopia CLI scheduled snapshots not running

New user here. I got a remote repo set up via SFTP, 3x snapshots created manually via CLI, policy set but for some reason the auto-snapshots are not created. I added new files to the source.

Does the kopia server need to run on my server for the snapshot schedule to work (sudo kopia server -insecure)? Manual snapshots go through fine without issues. I could not access the web UI on the server but was able to configure the repository, snapshot and policy via CLI.

Server hosts a docker container for Immich (self hosted photo backup). I want to follow 3-2-1 backup policy with Kopia creating backup snapshots from Immich to a remote Raspberry Pi3 with a 500gb drive attached to it. Repository connection successful, manual snapshots created with policy fine. Policy dictates to ignore 3 folders that works. Initial backup was ~7gb and now should see incremental backups.

However when I add additional photos that should get backed up then no scheduled runs take place. It has been close to 24hrs since I added photos w/o schedule picking it up. Rebooted the physical machine etc. Manual snapshots do pick up the new files.

Immich Photo source path: /Media/TestBackup/
Policy: kopia policy show /Media/TestBackup/

  Annual snapshots:                     3   inherited from (global)
  Monthly snapshots:                   24   inherited from (global)
  Weekly snapshots:                     4   inherited from (global)
  Daily snapshots:                      7   inherited from (global)
  Hourly snapshots:                    48   inherited from (global)
  Latest snapshots:                    10   inherited from (global)
  Ignore identical snapshots:       false   inherited from (global)

Files policy:
  Ignore cache directories:          true   inherited from (global)
  Ignore rules:                             (defined for this target)
  Read ignore rules from files:             inherited from (global)
  Scan one filesystem only:         false   inherited from (global)

Error handling policy:
  Ignore file read errors:          false   inherited from (global)
  Ignore directory read errors:     false   inherited from (global)
  Ignore unknown types:              true   inherited from (global)

Scheduling policy:
  Scheduled snapshots:
    Snapshot interval:             1h0m0s   (defined for this target)
  Manual snapshot:                  false   inherited from (global)

  Max parallel snapshots (server/UI):   1   inherited from (global)
  Max parallel file reads:              -   inherited from (global)
  Parallel upload above size:       2 GiB   inherited from (global)

Compression disabled.

No actions defined.

Logging details (0-none, 10-maximum):
  Directory snapshotted:                5   inherited from (global)
  Directory ignored:                    5   inherited from (global)
  Entry snapshotted:                    0   inherited from (global)
  Entry ignored:                        5   inherited from (global)
  Entry cache hit:                      0   inherited from (global)
  Entry cache miss:                     0   inherited from (global)


i have a somewhat similar configuration running. I am running a kopia docker container that backup my other docker containers as well as some additional folders. The kopia docker container also provides a remote repository to my other clients, which backup their files regulary. On what machine is kopia running? From your description I assume that kopia is running on the rasperry?


See the budy’s answer in this post: Is kopia running in the background? - #2 by budy
You basically need to run the server or issue the command periodically.


Thank you! Makes sense.