[Windows Server ] KopiaUI not snapshot on schedule

windows server 2022 with kopiaui
i scheduled snapshot of one folder on S3 bucket
but not start

  2023-06-07 19:00:00 CEST k8a2cf2c985e2a4f77d038e31cfaf26b7 32.8 MB dr-xr-xr-x files:46 dirs:1
  2023-06-18 19:00:00 CEST kdb828c911006dd5c48f7ff09e15a296c 57.4 MB dr-xr-xr-x files:79 dirs:1
  2023-06-25 19:00:00 CEST k03a2282b8a2e140dc18bb0a92ee055df 66.5 MB dr-xr-xr-x files:91 dirs:1
  2023-07-02 19:00:00 CEST ked4e2b451baa436039684b1fb1513fed 69.1 MB dr-xr-xr-x files:94 dirs:1
  2023-07-03 21:34:03 CEST kab8a5bc743c03b25725792334a9c7774 69.2 MB dr-xr-xr-x files:94 dirs:1 (latest-3)
  2023-07-16 19:00:00 CEST k56fd769cf53daa316995bc03eb979b65 67.7 MB dr-xr-xr-x files:91 dirs:1 (latest-2)
  2023-07-17 21:11:51 CEST k08b8e40516e5e4a00d66b37705147e45 67.7 MB dr-xr-xr-x files:91 dirs:1 (latest-1)

  Annual snapshots:                     0   inherited from (global)
  Monthly snapshots:                    0   inherited from (global)
  Weekly snapshots:                     0   inherited from (global)
  Daily snapshots:                      0   inherited from (global)
  Hourly snapshots:                     0   inherited from (global)
  Latest snapshots:                     3   inherited from (global)
  Ignore identical snapshots:        true   inherited from (global)

Files policy:
  Ignore cache directories:          true   inherited from (global)
  Ignore rules:                             inherited from (global)
  Read ignore rules from files:             inherited from (global)
  Scan one filesystem only:         false   inherited from (global)

Error handling policy:
  Ignore file read errors:           true   inherited from (global)
  Ignore directory read errors:      true   inherited from (global)
  Ignore unknown types:              true   inherited from (global)

Scheduling policy:
  Scheduled snapshots:
  Snapshot times:                           inherited from (global)
  Manual snapshot:                  false   inherited from (global)

  Max parallel snapshots (server/UI):   1   inherited from (global)
  Max parallel file reads:              -   inherited from (global)
  Parallel upload above size:      2.1 GB   inherited from (global)

  Compressor:            pgzip-best-speed   inherited from (global)
  Compress all files except the following extensions:   inherited from (global)
  Compress files of all sizes.

No actions defined.

Logging details (0-none, 10-maximum):
  Directory snapshotted:                5   inherited from (global)
  Directory ignored:                    5   inherited from (global)
  Entry snapshotted:                    5   inherited from (global)
  Entry ignored:                        5   inherited from (global)
  Entry cache hit:                      0   inherited from (global)
  Entry cache miss:                     0   inherited from (global)

schedule from mglobal policy
07/21/2023 7:00 PM (in 3 hours)
07/22/2023 7:00 PM (in a day)
07/23/2023 7:00 PM (in 2 days)
07/24/2023 7:00 PM (in 3 days)
07/25/2023 7:00 PM (in 4 days)

and where i find file log how every task on windows?

ps Windows Server with kopiaui use autologon .

Hi @Enricosx,
was something changed within the directory? You set to ignore identical snapshots. If nothing is changed than kopia does not create a snapshot if this setting is set to true.


more file i think is changed, is a file server for ten users.
i can’t find log how any tasks.

Is kopia running in the background? Setting up a schedule within the policy when running kopia only with the CLI is not enough.

If you are running Kopia only with the CLI you will need to setup a task within windows that runs periodically (like cron on linux).

Maybe your current setup with autologon causes some issues.


I had this issue so had to run kopia-ui as a service then it’ll run even when not logged in or in taskbar.