Parallelism: Default number of threads

The FAQ says parallelism is supported, but doesn’t specify the default number of threads Kopia uses. Is the default 1, i.e. no parallelism? I back up to a hard drive, so multithreading is undesirable, as it leads to fragmentation, slower transfer speed (head jumping for no reason) and increased wear. Just wanted to make sure I’m not doing those things unknowingly.

Quoting from the FAQ you linked to:

By default, Kopia sets this setting to the number of logical cores your machine’s CPU has

Out of curiosity: what hard drives do you use and how much data do you read/write that you need to care about these things?

Noted. Should’ve paid more attention. That’s for the second parallelism though. What about the first one?

Just regular externals. 2.5, 3.5. Mostly WD. Doesn’t matter though. All spinning drives by their nature are worse off with multithreading than without it.

Edit: Seems the default is 1 re:First parallelism.

> kopia policy show --global
  Max parallel snapshots (server/UI):   1   (defined for this target)
  Max parallel file reads:              -   (defined for this target)
  Parallel upload above size:      2.1 GB   (defined for this target)

Weirdly, Max parallel file reads is set to -. Isn’t it supposed to be the number of CPU threads?
Also, would setting Parallel upload above size to - or 0 set both parallel snapshots and parallel file reads to never? I want Kopia to be entirely sequential when it comes to writes.