Permission Denied creating backup directory

I’ve set up a server on a Ubuntu 22.04 machine. In case it matters the disk I’m trying to backup to is using btrfs. I’ve set the permissions in the backup directory to 777 from /media on downwards. The disk is a Samba share.

On the client side again I have a Ubuntu 22.04 machine using btrfs and Samba. In this case the backup drive is connected to the server drive, so it looks like a local drive.

When I start Kopia client UI it connects the the repository but when I try to backup I get the following error:

As mentioned I’ve changed the permissions 777 so that anyone can access the path to the repository. I haven’t tried to change the permissions on the files Kopia has created.

I’m flummoxed. Help would be appreciated.

Shut everything down and re-booted server then client et voila! just done my first backup to the server over a LAN.

I can’t see how to mark this as solved but it is.