Policy Schedule

Is there any further documentation detail on what the policy scheduling commands are actually doing? Ideally I would like to set a schedule timer using systemd to run a script that runs various tasks such as kopia snapshsot create, kopia snapshot verify. That way I can wake computers at the appropriate time also. I guess I could do that now independently of the two schedule flags discussed below.

When I set the policy

kopia policy set \
	  --global \
	  --snapshot-time 06:00

what is this actually doing in the background?

If I have --snapshot-time 06:00 set, does that negate the need to use --snapshot-interval 24h0m0s, or should they be used in combination?

Also there are no examples of time format to use with --snapshot-interval but I did stumble on a suggestion that e.g. 24h0m0s is okay but 7d is not when reading the output errors.

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Schedule parameters only take effect when you use kopia server or KopiaUI and is mostly helpful on Windows, where neither cron nor systemd are available. If you want to use systemd timers, that’s totally ok. I personally use crontab and run kopia snaphot create --all twice/hour.