Real-time backup?


I can see that Kopia has scheduling for backups.
Does it support real-time backing up ? (like Crashplan or others).


No. Crashplan is a different animal. Such programs are more synchronization tool, not a backup.
The purpose of kopia is to make very compact The Backup using de-duplication + compression and keeps backup incrementally, so only new changes saved.
If you need continuous real-time synchronization between computers, you might want to take a look at syncthing. You can set it as one way sync only to mimic kind of backup. It supports also file versioning (keeps previous versions of each tracked files, which took a lot of space) but no compression as well no de-duplication and it works over network only. But keep in mind it is not backup.

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This is false. Crashplan does support versioning, which classifies it as backup, according to your definition.

Crashplan backups are incremental, and actually, size is not a concern (Professional version limits versions based on time).

My previous answer “No” - was regarding kopia which is not supports real-time natively (but with help of external tooling that monitors file system activity, - it can be done).

Crashplan supports versioning as well incremental and can be classified as backup if one uses Enterprise version, otherwise retention policy will be limited to 30(essential) or 90(pro) days which is not enough to resists professional ransomware attack when hackers encrypting files very slowly, starting from oldest files and as result - cloud backup will be filled with trash