Installing and backing up

Hi, I just discovered Kopia!
I have a couple of questions:

(i) I plan to install it on a low spec home server: ex-NAS with 2gb ddlr3 ram, 2ghz quad core, running debian 10 on a SSD. Daily backup of 2 x 10gb folders to backblaze (small changes). And around 5 folders (50 - 100gb) small changes, once a week to backblaze. I’ll be using encryption & compression. There won’t by much else running at the same time, as will schedule backup it nightly.
Should I have any concerns about Kopia being able to run with this kind of spec?

(ii) Can Kopia directly back up Backblaze? or do I also need to use something like rClone?


The specs should be fine. We regularly test on Raspberry Pi 4 which is a pretty low-spec too and it’s been reasonably fast.

Yes, kopia can directly back up to backblaze using either b2 provider or s3 compatibility provider. I would recommend S3 since it’s better tested.

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