Relative path support (e.g. rsync -R)

I am new to Kopia so maybe I don’t fully understand how it is supposed to work, but let’s say I want to snapshot a directory but preserve the parent directory structure in the snapshot, is that possible?

For example, /mnt/a/b/c, I want to snapshot all of the files in the directory “c” but have them appear as “/b/c”, which would be rsync -R /mnt/a/./b/c $DEST, or for kopia, maybe kopia snapshot /mnt/a/./b/c ?


Take a look at .kopiaignore. (here is discussion regarding ignore patterns). Shortly, kopia supports subset of .gitignore syntax, so using it, you can start snapshot from ./b where you can place .kopiaignore file that will direct kopia to ignore everything except ./b/c so you will end up with ./b/c only in snapshot

Thanks for the tip! It works!


So, the directory “b” has to be included, and then also the files within. Documenting here in case it is helpful to others!