Relaunch server on reboot

I am planning to run the repository server on a headless Debian machine.

On reboot, I need to manually reconnect to repository and then restart the server. Is there a way to automate this process, so that the server comes back up on reboots.


It is not really kopia issue but rather your OS - effectively you are asking how to start program (kopia server in this case) after reboot.

There are two most obvious options:

  1. old fashioned one - use crontab and @reboot schedule - Crontab Reboot: Execute a Job Automatically at Boot | phoenixNAP

  2. modern (and I would recommend this one) - use systemd - Use systemd to Start a Linux Service at Boot | Linode Docs

I included two links but you can find plenty of examples and guides on Internet.

If you make it working it would be nice if you share your solution.

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