Remote repository clean up

i was wondering if i connect to a s2 repository (minio in my case) if i delete a backup how long it takes to be actually cleaned by kopia on the remote, minio interface shows no changes after i deleted the backups in the total ammount of storage used

Deleting a snapshot in Kopia does not delete the associated blobs on the repo. Deleting a snapshot on Kopia tells Kopia that the associated blobs are now unreferenced, and Kopia deletes unreferenced blobs during daily full maintenance. I believe Kopia waits 24 hours before deleting any newly unreferenced blobs, but I am not sure about that.

i wonder if there is a way to force kopia into deleting the unreferenced blobs, maybe with the maintaining command?

There is, but it is highly NOT recommended: running full maintenance with the --safety=none flag. Read

thank you for the insight, i guess i will wait for the standard maintaining cycle