KopiaUI Not deleting files in backblaze on local snapshot removal

Using KopiaUI v0.12.1

I have 6 different folders set up to backup to my Backblaze B2 Bucket with the same policies. However, Im noticing that the space taken up in Backblaze doesn’t match the data size shown in the current snapshots in Kopia. Ive never once seen the bucket go down in size - only up.

Is there a way to force deletion of files in a remote bucket, if the snapshot no longer exists within Kopia? I was under the assumption it did that automatically when a local snapshot was deleted, but that does not seem to be the case.

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There is an option at the CLI to have Kopia remove unreferenced blobs immediately. As a precaution, it is advised to disconnect all local and remote Kopia clients though and only run this command from a local Kopia instance:

kopia maintenance run --full --safety=none

Upon trying to run it, I am getting this error:

ERROR error running maintenance: error running maintenance: unable to determine if maintenance is required: error getting status: unable to decrypt schedule blob: cipher: message authentication failed

After doing a bit of digging, based on this similar github issue, I figured my kopia.maintenance file was corrupted. I went into my kopia containers data folder, and searched for a ‘kopia.maintenance’ file only to see that I don’t actually have one anywhere within the config folders.

Is there a way to recreate this file so I can run maintenance tasks?

Edit: Right after posting this, I thought to look in my remote repository, and found it there. I removed it, restarted kopia, and then ran the command, and it seemed to work. The Bucket is still at 5tb of data and growing though, so Ill monitor to see if it actually deletes the obsolete snapshots