Repo server caching?

Is the Repo server using some kind of caching for incoming snapshots, if so where is it stored?

Reason I ask is because my NAS is currently backing up via the repo server and I’m seeing bursts of network usage coming into the machine running the repo server and a fairly steady stream of outgoing traffic (limited by the upload of the internet connection).

The machine with the Repo server on only has a small SSD so I’m a bit worried it could get full if the data from the NAS comes in faster than kopia can upload it to the repo.

Also should tasks in the server UI show anything for an incoming snapshot from a remote kopia instance?

The repo server also performs caching and I am using a config file for it, which reads like this:

  "storage": {
    "type": "filesystem",
    "config": {
      "path": "/path/to/repo",
      "dirShards": null,
      "fileMode": 384,
      "dirMode": 448
  "caching": {
    "cacheDirectory": "/path/to/cache",
    "maxCacheSize": 5242880000,
    "maxMetadataCacheSize": 5242880000,
    "maxListCacheDuration": 600
  "hostname": "foo",
  "username": "bar",
  "description": "Repository in Filesystem: /path/to/repo"

The cache of my approx. 1TB repo accounts to 12 GB on my repo server, where 5GB are metadata and another 5GB are contents.YMMV.