Repository connect filesystem --owner-uid: directories ownerships are not set according to owner-uid


I created a filesystem repository with my linux user dedale. Snapshots are perfectly working. However, I’m trying to use this repository with root user, with this command, and something is not right:

~ sudo bash
# kopia repository connect filesystem --path /home/dedale/kopia-backups/ --owner-gid users --owner-uid dedale

When I create a snapshot with root, it works, but directories created in the repository by this snapshot are not owned by dedale, despite using owner-uid. The files are OK:

# ls -l /home/dedale/kopia-backups/ 
drwx------  3 root root 4096 sb3
# ls -l /home/dedale/kopia-backups/sb3
drwx------ 2 root root 4096 b44
# ls -l /home/dedale/kopia-backups/sb3/b44
-rw------- 1 dedale users 4282 defdda1dd8777f5e94e3f6316e5-s3844db13745348d7107.f

Is there a way to force uid and gid for directories created inside the repository?