Kopia permission

I have created the kopia snapshot for some users’ application directory, I try to mount the snapshot using ‘kopia mount all kopia’.
it seems only I have the permission to this directory, the other users cannot read this mount directory, so is it work as design? it means only the users running the kopia mount command has the permission to this directory?

Kopia does not manage access permissions to snapshots. Whoever has access to the storage location also has access to snapshots. The snapshots are encrypted, of course, so they cannot access the content if they do not know the password.

It is up to you to configure your storage location with access permissions that match what you want to do. If you don’t want users to have access to the directory where you store Kopia snapshots, you need to configure that access permission yourself.

hi, what I concern is the access for the mount directory, can mutiple users access the mount directory?
i try to use user A to mount the snapshot directory with “kopia mount all /aaa”
then user A is able to read the /aaa directory:
dr-xr-xr-x 1 root root 0 Jul 20 03:09 aaa

but another users include root, cannot read the aaa directory:
d??? ? ? ? ? ? aaa

and no one has the access to change the directory permissions for aaa:
root@ip-172-31-46-180:/# chmod 777 aaa
chmod: cannot access ‘aaa’: Permission denied
root@ip-172-31-46-180:/# chown root:root aaa

I solve the problem with --fuse-allow-other, thanks