Repository Server with Docker-Composer: How to add users?

Hi there,
perhaps it really obvious but I cant see it…
I have a LAN-based repository server in a Docker-Compose environment:

version: '3.7'
        image: kopia/kopia:latest
        hostname: kopiaserver
        restart: unless-stopped
            - 51515:51515
            KOPIA_PASSWORD: kopass
            TZ: Europe/Paris
            - /path_on_host/config:/app/config
            - /path_on_host/cache:/app/cache
            - /path_on_host/logs:/app/logs
            - /path_on_host/data:/app/backup:ro
        entrypoint: ["/app/kopia", "server", "--insecure", "--address=", "--override-username=kopia@kopiaserver", "--server-username=kopia@kopiaserver", "--server-password=kopiaserveruserpassword"]

The repository server starts up fine, I can connect via the server UI as user “kopia@kopiaserver” and I can create a S3 repository without any flaw. Now I would like to add users for the repository server, e.g. fred@imac, sue@ubuntu1, etc… For that I grab via “docker ps” the kopia container IT and then I issue:

docker exec -t 1sb513c82124 /app/kopia server user add sue@ubuntu1

which results in two error messages:

ERROR failed to open repository: invalid repository password
ERROR open repository: unable to open repository: invalid repository password

Well, as I wrote at the beginning, I must miss something obvious. I can not find any “add repository server users” button in the repository server UI so I must be a command that I do not know. Could some please offer a hint or the correct command to add repository server users?
Thanks in advance!

  • First, you need to create repository:
    kopia.exe repository create filesystem --path=/path/2/repo

  • Then validate it:
    kopia.exe repository validate-provider

  • Then try: kopia server user add sue@ubuntu1