Invalid password when creating a repository

After setup up the docker container, I tried creating the first repository and got an error on the UI

Connect Error: INVALID_PASSWORD: invalid password

I used the same KOPIA_PASSWORD as it was suggested here but still cannot create the repo.

Docker compose file is

version: '3.7'

    image: kopia/kopia:latest
    hostname: apolo
    container_name: Kopia
    restart: unless-stopped
      - 51515:51515
      # Setup the server that provides the web gui
      - server
      - start
      - --disable-csrf-token-checks
      - --insecure
      - --address=
      - --server-username=admin
      - --server-password=admin*123
      # Set repository password
      KOPIA_PASSWORD: "kopia"
      USER: "admin"
      # Mount local folders needed by kopia
      - /srv/mergerfs/mainpool/kopia/config:/app/config
      - /srv/mergerfs/mainpool/kopia/cache:/app/cache
      - /srv/mergerfs/mainpool/kopia/logs:/app/logs
      # Mount local folders to snapshot
      - /srv/mergerfs/mainpool/kopia/data:/data:ro
      # Mount repository location
      - /srv/mergerfs/mainpool/kopia/repository:/repository
      # Mount path for browsing mounted snaphots
      - /srv/mergerfs/mainpool/kopia/tmp:/tmp:shared


what’s your provider? Filesystem?
You probably need to create a repository first.

Forgot to mention. Openmediavault 6.9 (Debian 11) >> Wasabi

This is what I’m trying to achieve, using the GUI

Have you read the documentation about S3? (Repositories | Kopia)

Everything is setup on Wasabi side? Also, are you using the website or KopiaUI?