Run CLI commands for KopiaUI install

I want to verify my backups and therefore want to run kopia snapshot verify --verify-files-percent=100 --file-parallelism=10 --parallel=10

Do I have an option to run the CLI version from the UI install folder? If I run the CLI version on a different system, do I have anywhere to look for the original configuration file with the App Keys and Key ID ?

I’m really new to the whole ordeal, so it would be very helpful to hear from you folks.

System : Win11
Destinaiton : B2

Yes, you can run CLI commands using the same kopia binary that the UI uses. A trick is to open the UI, click that orange console button that is at the bottom and that will give you the path to the kopia binary that you can use. Also be sure to copy the --config-file parameter that it gives you, too, as that will allow you to verify the correct repository.

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