New user with some questions please

I’ve installed The GUI version and done a small test backup to local storage. I have few questions I wanted to clarify before moving forward…

  1. I only selected one folder to test. Is there a way to add more folders to this snapshot or do I have to create a new snapshot?

  2. Is there a way to check the integrity of backups using the GUI? If not, can this be done with the Command line?

  3. Is there way to display the transfer speed of a backup to local storage?

  4. I installed the GUI version, can I still access Kopia via command line or do I need to install the CLI version?

Let me take a stab:

  1. Each snapshot represents one folder or file.

  2. GUI does not support verifying integrity of snapshots yet, but it’s indirectly done as part of maintenance. Unfortunately errors are not shown in the UI yet.

Using command line you can verify all snapshots with:

$ kopia snapshot verify --all-sources
  1. CLI and UI will only show the percentage completed and estimated time. Throughput can be derived from the amount uploaded and time spent so far, but it’s more complicated since some files are not uploaded if not necessary. I’ll be happy to review PRs to improve the output.

  2. GUI and CLI operate on the same set of configuration files and can be independently installed. It so happens that GUI version actually ships with a private copy of the CLI, which is used as a server.

It can be found in:

  • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\KopiaUI\resources\server\kopia.exe on Windows
  • /Applications/ - on macOS
  • /opt/KopiaUI/resources/server/kopia - on Linux
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Thank you for the detailed reply. For question 1, as I understand it… For each snapshot, I can add/subtract child directories/folders via the ‘Ignore Rule’ but not sibling or parent folders. For that I would need to create a new snapshot?

On the subject of file rules. I want to make sure I understand ‘Ignore Parent Rules’ correctly. This is to make sure that the policy of another snapshot doesn’t override the ‘Ignore Parent Rules’ in the policy of the snapshot you are currently editing?
If so, how does ‘Disable Parent Policy Evaluation’ differ from the ‘Ignore Parent Rules’?


I’m just adding this to my post as I don’t think there’s an issue, just an a strange error that seems to be resolved…

I had an ‘incomplete’ snapshot. I ran a snapshot after removing some ‘Ignore Rules’. When I came back to the computer the snapshot showed as ‘0 bytes’, clicking on that snapshot showed an ‘incomplete’ tag on it. However, I clicked ‘Snapshot Now’ and it instantly corrected itself, with the correct size and removed the snapshot that was listed as ‘incomplete’.