Scheduled backups goes weird

First of all thank you for the terrific product. I don’t know how but Kopia is much faster than other backuppers I tried.

I have found an interesting little bug related to the schedule function. It says its in seconds but the math doesn’t work right.
I attach a screenshot. It says 5 hours to 86400 seconds.

I have gone further and tried to find the logic but I can’t figure it out :slight_smile:
A few tests:
1000000 = 9 days
300000 = 2 days
150000 = 4 hours
100000 = 18 hours
3600 = 17 mins
3000 = 38 mins

Can you help solve this?

If you simply put 86400 seconds == 1 day into the box, kopia assumes 00:00 UTC as the startup time.

Yeah. This is horrible UX. We should absolutely fix that in the next releases. Any UI suggestions are welcome.