Any tips to speed up the upload?

I don’t know what could be affecting it, but I find the snapshot creation is going pretty slow for me. My internet providers package is not a slow one.

Now I am just starting to learn backup software stuff so I don’t have much to compare kopia to. But relative to non-backup related uploading and downloading taking 7h to snapshot 34GB seems really bad.

I turned off compression and tried the snapshot again thinking that would speed things up but it didn’t. If that’s typical for backup software and my expectations are unrealistic just let me know.

What’s your upload speed your ISP provides and what backend are you using?

34G in 7h is = 272000 Mbit / 25200s = 10.8 Mbit/s

This is not great speed, but is reasonable/expected if you’re on Cable/DSL. Many cable/dsl providers have really bad upload speeds (e.g. Comcast used to offer 1Gbit/s downloads but only 20 Mbit/s uploads in my area).

Ah okay, I found out what package my home is. We’re on 15 Mbit/s upload.
So I guess my expectations were unrealistic and what I’m experiencing is normal. Duly noted.