Some thoughts about kopia

Some days ago I learned about kopia and started to use it to get some experience…

My first impressions

  • Very good design. Congratulations to Jarek.
  • The policy setting via kopia policy is great
  • An outstanding feature is that kopia takes care about the policy on the fly!
  • Compression is important as it saves a lot of disk space. This is where restic lacks.
  • It seems that I could have running multiple snapshots the same time and no corruption. Please correct me if this is wrong

I am still learning…

Thank you, Jarek.


Yes. Kopia is designed to support multiple repository users without locking and there should be no corruption. There could be still bugs there, but a number of folks have been running in this way for some time.

Thanks for all the other comments.

Thanks for the conformation. Actually, I do not plan to run kopia concurrently much. But it could happen in some situations.In my case the user would be the same in such a situation.