Start Kopia without connecting to Local storage

Hi There,
First I want to thank you for this fantastic product. Absolutely briljant!

I have 2 repositories; 1 to Gdrive using Rclone and 1 to a USB-drive using a Local storage repository. Both work like a dream.

But the USB-drive is not always connected. I only connect it for backing-up or restoring purposes. My problem is that when Kopia starts it always tries to connect to both repositories. And since the USB-drive is normally not connected Kopia keeps trying to connect to the USB-drive indefinite.
I tried to start Kopia and connect to only the Gdrive repository by using the command-line, but even then it always tries to connect to both repositories.
Is there any way to start Kopia and selectively connect to the specified repository or am I missing someyhing?

The simplest way is, imho, disconnect usb (non-local) respiratory as well as online ones (gdrive), connect to them when needed using external scripts or/and task scheduler/cron (some examples are here - What to do to mount/unmount drive before and after backup? - #8 by ZebCorp), and using KopiaUI only as stuff organizer (e.g adding files/rules etc.).