How can I connect as a different user?


I need to connect to a repo as different user (USERB) than my current Windows login user (USERA). How do I do it

This is the command I use,

kopia.exe repository connect filesystem --path REPO

but I cant do maintanance

kopia.exe maintenance run --full

ERROR maintenance must be run by designated user: USERB@PC


or temporarily change maintenance task ownership:

$ kopia maintenance set --owner=another@somehost
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Thanks, that was very helpful.

Do I have to close maintenance? I mean do I need to tell Kopia that the maintenance is done after it is done? Or is it automatic? I do not want my backups to be waiting until it is flagged off.

Nope. Backup tasks can even run during maintenance. Only maintenance itself can not be run simultaneously, hence this specific user locking.

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