Kopia: error: error connecting to repository: repository not initialized in the provided storage,


I made a repo (using kopia-ui winx64) on a Linux drive from Windows machine (on Windows network drive mapping). I have been backing things up to it regularly. When I try to connect to that repo from that Linux device locally that I am getting the message that is in the title.

I use kopia repository connect filesystem --path PATH-TO-REPO

What do I need to do to properly connect to that repository on that Linux device? The drive is connected to that Linux device over USB.


What filesystem does the uwb drive have?
Check out the file permissions

It is btrfs, it cant be file permission because the root is trying to access it on the local system where the usb is connected.

You created a BTRFS volume on a USB drive and shared that to your Windows box? An now you want to access the repo on it from the Linux host system, is that correct?

Can you post the whole command you used to connect to the repo locally - be sure to mask any sensitive info, like the password.

That is correct. The repo is created on the BTRFS system where the “root” is trying to access it. I originally created the repo on Windows 11 using the Kopia UI on that drive over SAMBA shared. The drive was shared as a SAMBA share on the Linux host.

(running as root)
kopia repository connect filesystem --path /media/backup/kopia

Well… you will need to provide the repo password and user to be able to connect to that repo.

It asks for a password and I provide the password, then it spits out the message that is in the title.

Can you verify, if there’re these two files present at the location, you’re pointing Kopia to:


If yes, try to run Kopia using the --log-level=debug flag, so you can get more info on what Kopia is running into.

Also, make sure that the repo password has no characters, which will confuse the shell upon input and cause some weird expansion.