Usage Question - Syncing Repos

Hi all,

This is mostly a best practice usage question. Background - Im using Kopia Server in a docker container that is connected to a specific filesystem repo mounted as a local volume.

I’m creating nightly snapshots of data and after creating the snapshots I’m doing a sync to a repo on an external USB drive (to be replaced with off-site at a later date).

I generally back up about 10 or so Docker containers (and their volume mounts), a folder of photos, some other documents+media, etc.

So here’s the question. The photos and documents are priority one for backups and when moving the sync to offsite. But I dont really care about offsite backups of Docker containers (but I do want local/USB backups).

What’s the best practice on splitting things up? Since a user is connected to a specific repo all cron scheduled backups/snapshots go to a single repo. When I sync that offsite it includes everything.

I don’t care about backing up 60+ gig of thumbnails a Photoprism container generated to an offsite cloud.

I already split these backups up with different snapshot folders but as far as I’m aware I can’t selectively choose which folders to sync.

Just curious if anyone else has an idea for a solution.