User read access to all snapshots


as written in the documentation, I created this acl, but from KopiaGUI a user does not see the snapshots of another user.

kopia server acl add --user "*@*" --access READ --target type=snapshot

What’s wrong? My goal is to create a user who can only read all snapshots without being able to delete them.

I think Kopia is a good product, but very little documentation on the server.

I cannot understand why these questions about ACLs are not answered by anyone.

Hi @Pasquale_Di_Feo ,

Where do you executed the command? I never played with ACL in the past. I can try what you want to achieve and report back.


simply follow the instructions at

and apply this ACL

kopia server acl add --user "*@*" --access READ --target type=snapshot

always as indicated in the documentation. And finally connect with a different user from the one who launched the backup.

I spent several hours trying to understand. Perhaps something is not so clear to me.