Using Windows Volume Shadow Service for Kopia backups?

Hey all,
So I want to use Kopia for backing up couple of directories on my Windows computer.
However, some of the files in some of the directories will be in use by some processes/applications during backup.
So, I want to know that is there any way to use VSS (Volume Shadow Service) for Kopia backups?
Does Kopia support VSS?

It is a little buried in the Action section, Actions | Kopia. I have been playing with Kopia the last couple days and was able to get this to work.

A couple things that I found, if you aren’t running Kopia as an elevated process you will get a bunch of elevation prompts. Also if you don’t relax Powershell’s execution policy, it will silently fail to use VSS.

Thanks, I’ll try it, however, I wish it could be made easier instead of executing powershell scripts :frowning:

Were you able to get this working?

I’ll admit I don’t quite understand the given instructions

Hey buddy, I didn’t try actually, going to try it now as was avoiding as instructions are lengthy and head aching.
@jkowalski Are there any plans to introduce native VSS support in Kopia? I will really love it.

Yes. In fact there is a PR to that effect.


Oh, wow, it’s a very good news.
What’s the PR number? is it merged?