Does Kopia support VSS yet?

I know this has been in the works, but I cannot find if this has been added yet. It is fine either way – this is, after all, a free program – but just would like to know.

For those reading this, the answer to my question is, nope Kopia does not natively support VSS yet. I imagine it will be added in the future, but you can use before/after scripts for snapshots to enable VSS. See Actions | Kopia (scroll down to Windows shadow copy section).

I have not tried this myself, as I would rather wait until Kopia adds this feature natively. Also, take note that you will need to enable actions for Kopia before you can do this. If using the CLI, you can start Kopia with --enable-actions. If using KopiaUI, edit your repository.config (it is located in the “Config File” location in KopiaUI under “Repository”) and change "enableActions": false to "enableActions": true. Save the file and restart KopiaUI.

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