Version to version backup structure changes


Will there be more structure changes with future versions Kopia?
Or are the backup structures now frozen?
I mean, will there be a need to migrate data on future versions of Kopia, or is that now frozen and no changes on future releases? Like what had to be done on version 0.8x to 0.9x.


V0.9 was a big change because it had to fix some long standing limitations and mistakes of the original format.

The new index format should be more long lasting and we’ll try not to rev it unless absolutely necessary and will make only minor adjustments completely transparent to users.

The format is relatively flexible and we’ll be able to add new types of blobs or content without forcing upgrades.

But never say “never” so if the current format (v2) ends up having some long term scalability or maintenance problems we may have to tweak it.

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Thanks for the answer, Jarek!