Webdav vs SFTP speeds?

Originally I was going to use kopia server, however I realized that there’s no way to keep the encryption key off of the endpoint.

So looking at sftp and webdav, has there been any basic speed tests for them? With restic at least, sftp seems to limit speed quite a bit, enough that rest-server was created.

I installed sftpgo to test (both sftp and webdav), almost exactly the same speed as kopia server, so I’m likely limited by my bandwidth and/or server.

It transferred ~87gb in 15min30sec, pretty good!

Is there any different configuration you are using here for an sftp server? Im using sftp to a remote synology on another network, but notice im only uploading at around 4-800kbps when the bandwidth from my isp is 25 Mbps UP. I should be seeing ~2 MB/sec if im saturating the link.

I didn’t modify the SFTP settings in sftpgo aside from adding user/keys