What did I do wrong? (missing blobs)


I changed a from Duplicati (due to a corrupt and unrecoverable database on two separate instances - discovered before a desaster).
So I set up kopia (rclone + onedrive + 5% recovery info) and it was running now for 2-3 weeks.
Unfortunally I did not do a restore test (dumb I know - but had not much time).
Now my ssd just completely died and I needed to restore my data:
But I get some “missing blob” errors and seems like I lost ~450 files.
I checked the onedrive and the folders for the questionable blobs are empty (also no old version available there).
I tried a “kopia snapshot fix invalid-files” but most of the files were unrecoverable.
(I miss even files that should have been in the first snapshot)

The missing files I already write off (or is there anything I might miss).
But my more important question is: what can I do to have a reliable backup with kopia (also for my other systems…)

Can you check in OneDrive to see if the missing files are still in the trash? That has helped one Google Drive user before. If the files were never there, I would check the configuration of your rclone remote and make sure you’re not using any unusual caching settings which may be less reliable.

In terms of the root cause, we’re aware of issues folks sometimes see wiith rclone-based backends, which are somewhat less reliable than cloud backends (S3, Azure, Google, B2) because the underlying “drive” products don’t provide very strong consistency guarantees (for example sometimes a file can’t be found after it is written and it takes a while for it to appear) or have some weird semantics (e.g you can have 2 files with the same name, which is not possible normally). Kopia has a number of workarounds for such cases, but they quite possibly need to be further improved.

I already check the trash and recoverd two blobs (but not the relevant one).
But you lead me to something different (I can revert my onedrive by up to 30 days) - currently running…
Let’s see…

Got the consistency problem: so I should do a planed verify from time to time to detect such problems.
(A further snapshot won’t check old blobs I guess).
I’m using OneDrive because I get basically 5x1TB storage with my office subscription.

It would be awesome to get to the bottom of this issue. Can you preserve all kopia logs if you have any for analysis?

Reverting ondrive also did not help…
(I guess one of the first snapshots where corrupted :confused: )

Yes, would be really cool the get this fixed. But unfortunately all the relevant logs (those vom creating the snapshots) are on the dead ssd…
But I have another installation of kopia on another system - I validate the backup there (hope it’s ok but if not we might get logs from there)