Where is the policy stored?

I’m trying to find the file where the policies are stored but I can’t. Please point me to the correct path.

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The policies are stored inside the repo - you can only manage them using the UI or cli versions of kopia.

Came to post the same question as the OP. I’m migrating a data set from one server to another, but the snapshot policies do not transfer over. kopia policy show on the new machine does not match the policies on the original machine.

Is there a command we can run to sync that info? I tried a kopia restore to see if it would fetch anything else but it did not, the policy remains the default.

No, it doesn’t look like it. You can always create on FRQ on Github for that. For the time being, I am assuming, that you will have to recreate your policies on the new repo.

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kopia snapshot migrate should migrate the policies by default, if it does not do that, please file a bug.