Why is there a folder at my home directory containing kopia files?

My kopia setup is as follows: Arch Linux, Kopia(UI) 0.15.0, rclone to Google Drive. After making the repository, I noticed a new folder in my home dir with the same name as the rclone remote. It has all the files from Kopia (kopia.maintenance/repository/blobcfg.f, and the 3 char directories, etc) and the folder is around the same size as a former failed initial snapshot (34.8GB) but still less than the finished initial snapshot (49.5GB)

What is this folder and can I delete it?

This is some kopia local repository you created. How? Only you know:) maybe some typo somewhere in kopia command line etc.

If this is not what you wanted then yes - you can delete it. Your cloud backup does not need it.

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Indeed, I deleted it, lost my config, made a new one, and it created no folder.

Third time’s the charm I suppose?

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