Access is denied - any workarounds?

So Im seeing several failures in my backups, mostly due to access is denied:

Most folders ending up like this are non trivial, but I still want to see my backup as complete as possible (Im backing up my entire system, I have a complex dev environment that would literally take weeks or months to setup again in the event that I have to reinstall windows, so I want to make sure that even stuff related to softwares that I have installed is exactly the same when restoring)

Are there any potential workarounds for this? Can I for instance configure kopia to backup my device without booting windows (or by booting windows in some safe mode) to avoid softwares from interfering?

The goal is to be able to restore the data from my C drive to a state where I can copy over the backed up data back onto a hard drive - and make it bootable. As for my other drives I just want to be able to restore the file structure (and the contents of all files) in a complete way

Im also seeing some cyclic redundancy check error here (is this concerning?):

Kopia is not really a full-system backup and does not support the fidelity required to backup OS drive (mostly in terms of ACLs and special filesystem objects, reparse points, etc.).

Backing up OS drive is ok, but don’t expect full system restore to be that simple.

So, what would you recommend for this? What do you use?

I personally don’t really believe in full system restores like that, I typically install clean OS and restore my home directory or just the parts I need.

Perhaps there are other tools more geared towards a Windows OS backup like for example Veeam Agent for Windows: Free Windows Backup Solution for PCs and Endpoints and System State Data Backup - Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows Guide

You can’t do it on windows by simply copy/paste files. You won’t be able to restore simply c:\windows or other system locations. Your system won’t boot after that.

If you want to keep windows, installed programs and their configurations, you have to use either backup system that comes with Windows (use Update & Security > Backup > Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)) and choose bare metal backup that runs over night and creating incremental snapshots to some external drive. Another solution is 3rd party such as Macrium Reflect. This will allow you to restore the whole system including file/directories permission as well locked by system files.

You might want then to ask, - “what is the point to use then kopia?”.
The programs that do shadow backups are either way to slow or inconvenient to choose particular files from backup or simply a proprietary vendor locks.

kopia is shining to keep “work/user” files, that’s what actually what is most important. It works much faster than windows backup and give you quick access to backup (you can do snapshots every hour without sacrificing backup drive space), everything else leave to program that natively support VSS

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