How to restore previous backups on new machine via Kopia UI(Win 10)

For many years on Linux I used borg and loved it. This is even better and its on multiple platforms. I appreciate that. Can I backup my kopia folders from Appdata and reset my windows box and put those files back and have everything working as it did?

I reset my windows box every 6 months or so. Thanks much!!

My guess is that restoring installed software on windows requires you to (re)set registry entries and such things too, apart from getting the installation files back into folders. It’s kind of hard to know what things are needed on any particular installation in order to get it “working as it did”.

This also works the other way around, if you do make a perfect copy of the whole system, the procedure of resetting it once in a while to clean out crap would not work, since the perfect copy would bring along the junk too, of course.

I wiped my Windows 10 box and restored a clean os. I moved back all the kopia folders from Appdata, reinstalled kopia… it said the repositories weren’t connected… inputted previous information and bam right back to business. Love it!