Full system restore with Kopia - C-drive?

I have just started using Kopia. I was a little intimidated at first, but it is actually not complicated at all once you settle down and read the ‘Getting Started Guide’.

So far I using it to back up my C-drive to an encrypted (Vera-Crypt) non-system volume. I have a question about the restore process in Windows using Kopia. When it states in the guide that one can ‘Restore all the contents of the snapshot to a local or network location’, does this work like an ISO image? Is Kopia suited for this purpose?

And what does it mean? To work like ISO image? can you explain?

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Kopia does file-based backups, not block-level backups. Hence it can not restore a complete partition or drive.


This was what I wanted to know. Thank you for explaining this to me.

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Alternatively, you can run a script before or after a kopia backup to use a 3rd party command that would backup a partition or disk at block level. (while not logged into windows of course) On linux I use dd. I’m not aware of what options exist for windows. If you were booted with a live USB you would have options.