Any project roadmap? || Feature suggestions here or in the GH?

I was looking for any roadmap, as I’d like to suggest two features (not crossing FS boundaries and merging file ignore rules) and I’m not sure what is the better place and if I’ll duplicate.

We unfortunately don’t have a well-organized roadmap at this point, all things we want to get to are in GH issues and we generally prioritiize on a somewhat ad-hoc basis. If a feature is important to someone say from Kasten they would generally dedicate folks to work on it after getting quick agreement on how it fits with the rest of Kopia.

As for your suggestions, the first one sounds like it may already exists kopia policy set --one-file-system. Not sure what the second one is about, but I would start by filing a GH issue to discuss.

Ok, kopia policy set --one-file-system is exactly what I’ve had in mind.

As for the other I’ll maybe elaborate here first. It’s about combining ignore files rules from a given policy and the Global Policy. Instead of the given policy overwriting the GP rules (as far as I understand).