Backup from linux server - verify/mount in Windows?

Hi, so I have two snapshots (policies) set up to my B2 repository. I’d like to connect to these snapshots from a Windows machine to verify the backup and test the local mount feature.

However, the windows client doesn’t see either of the snapshots when connected to the repository. Username and host are identical on both machines. Testing now to see if I can recover from a different machine, so hoping I miss something very simple? Could it be that several hours must pass in order for the Win machine to see the snapshots?


Yes it is straightforward to connect and restore from a different machine. You obviously make some mistake but it is impossible to guess without more details.

IMO at the moment Windows mount is only useful to have a look at your data - restore is extremely limited due to Windows limitations - see Cannot copy some files from a mounted backup

Ok thanks for the reply! As I thought, should be straightforward. Just to be sure, I should be using the same exact user and host in order to see the snapshots, correct?
I can restore using the linux server’s client just fine. I can connect to the same repository from the Windows client just fine. However, I do see the following:

This is a grab from the Windows client after a successful connection.

Still can’t see either of the snapshots from the Win machine, but can continue creating manual snapshots from the linux server.

You are doing something wrong - it is impossible to tell what based on your story only. Most likely host/user are not the same despite what you think.

Use CLI instead of GUI to get more details, e.g. run:

$ kopia snapshot list --all

to inspect all snapshots host/user values.

Yep, all the same user/hosts.
I’m wondering if this is permissions thing.
The docker container on the server indicates it runs as root (0/0), despite my efforts to set the PUID/GUID as 1000/100.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 225213

and what you see when you run this from windows?

Sorry, I knew it was something small. I didn’t realize the object name was crucial when connecting to the repository. I’m now able to see the snapshots after comparing line for line the config files on each install.

One last item to cross off will be to figure out how to restore directories which are r/w instead of only read-only, and this will be my go-to backup solution.

The webdav mount is fantastic!!