Restore from lan repository from another kopia install


I’m currently testing Kopia for my home server. I’m currently testing emergency reinstallation of this server (in case of an hdd crash or any hardware failure).
My test is done through 3 VM :

  • 1 VM to expose a shared drive through samba => it is my destination repository where I want to store my backup. But it will be replaced by an usb hdd in the real case.
  • 1 VM (let’s say server A) which is my first machine : I install Kopia (and other stuff), I create my repository backuping /mnt/data to /mnt/shared_backup (shared_backup is my first VM place where I store my backups).
  • 1 VM (let’s say server B) which would be my fresh new install from scratch after the first machine died.

So, after setuping server A, I add some files in my data folder to simulate storing some sensitive personal data.
Then I run a backup through Kopia UI
I can see backup files from kopia wrote to my shared backup directory
Everything works fine.
If i try to delete some local files and then use Kopia’s restore feature, it works well.

Now, I shutdown server A
I install server B with exactly the same script and configuration (I’m using docker-compose).
Then I go to Kopia UI, setup a local repository using same password than server A, pointing to /mnt/shared_backup (the samba share is up and files are visible from server B).
When this setup is done, I’m redirected to snapshots list and here is the problem : there are no snapshot to restore here.

I don’t know which step I have missed.
Do you have any clue please ?

Kopia by default connects as ‘user@host’ which is automatically filled in with the current username and hostname from the machine you are using. You need to click the ‘Show Advanced Options’ button to override this setting when connecting to the repository in the UI.


Sorry for the late answer.
I have tested and it works well. I think it was not only this problem as I used the same usernames and hostnames on both VM. I think my backup storage wasn’t mounted correclty and fixing it has led me to restore my backup as expected :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help