Cannot copy some files from a mounted backup

After mounting a backup, I discovered that I can’t copy some files from it, making it useless.

Seems like any file larger than 50MB can’t be copied.
I tried both manually from Explorer, and using FreeFileSync, got an identical error both times.

The error is:

The file exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved

How to fix this?

The repository is located on a network folder, and trying to restore to a local drive.

Using “Restore FIles and Directories” option works fine, only mounting backup as a local filesystem produces the error.

That is actually a limitation of Windows itself. As Kopia mounts your repository through WebDAV, the file size limit of Windows WebClient service comes into effect. As you noticed, that is 50 MB by default. Take a look at here for a possible solution:

But this limitation makes this functionality entirely useless - what’s the point of mounting as a filesystem if you can’t actually copy the files from it and can’t restore them this way?

There should be some kind of a warning that if you have any > 50 MB files, it will make this option useless unless you change the limit, and instructions of how to do so.

No user will ever expect that the program will just arbitrarily refuse to let you copy certain files, failing your backup restore.